After writing a lot of ETL code, I recently came across Airflow & realised how much efforts can be saved by using Airflow. Sometimes, when we have that strong urge to blog, we will not have sufficient time to write it. Today is one such day. Keeping aside a detailed blog for another day. For now, posting the basic boiler plate code for Airflow here. Here is a gist.

The graph view and the tree view of the above is also posted below

I just love to see it when academic stuffs which can be “algorithmised” gets converted into softwares.

Just came across this online web based tool called Desmos which can quickly convert polynomials to graphs. If I understand correctly, there is more to Desmos, but, just tried out this feature.

Here are few plots which I tried out using Desmos. This should give an idea of what Desmos can do and how powerful it is.

It was on 11th Jan that I decided to reduce my social media time. It was supposed to be a 100 days off from social media and was intended to reduce the total time spend on social media because of my new routine. A total abstinence is something which I…

Flutter probably is the last tech that I might learn outside data science.

I do not know how to fully express my urge to learn mobile applications development. I first put my hands on mobile applications development using a technology called Adobe AIR. It was for a an old client…

Pyari Singh K

In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood.

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