My regular little chit chats:

I keep reminding myself this; That I have personally never invested on my computer science related skills during the first half of my career.

The head of our department, our dearest DLP sir (Dr. DLP) after the admission process to our PG course had told us to make use of the break to learn some software skills. He insisted that all of us should be familiar with programming & some UNIX. Dad somehow managed to find a very young teacher to help me with UNIX. It is sad that I don’t even remember the name…

It was on 11th Jan that I decided to reduce my social media time. It was supposed to be a 100 days off from social media and was intended to reduce the total time spend on social media because of my new routine. A total abstinence is something which I never planned. Because, it is here that we get to know about political updates, technology and it is here we get to know about or get to be in touch with our friends.

More importantly, all through out my life, I didn’t have a restriction on social intermingling. Thanks to…

Flutter probably is the last tech that I might learn outside data science.

I do not know how to fully express my urge to learn mobile applications development. I first put my hands on mobile applications development using a technology called Adobe AIR. It was for a an old client of ours. The best client we had probably.

Picture from Adobe AIR days

Later I developed 3 apps as a hobby. It was also done as part of building my portfolio to showcase my tech & execution skills. Two of them were on native android and the last one was on Kotlin. All the three…

My regular little chit chats:

It is a holiday season and I just got back after 3.5 days off & an 800km drive during this Xmas. Since it is a new job, decided not to take a long vacation. Just opted to stay away from work during the holidays. Moreover, since covid19 is still not in control, there is not much to do even if we take an off. Most of the team members are on vacation and though I am back, I am unable to gain some momentum. And yes, so, I have some reason to blog. Unlike earlier…

Sometimes I do not like data analytics. I feel all the focus is on the trends and the minute details are lost or ignored. The focus of such an analysis is mostly on the 80/20 principle. What happens to the problems which are unattended? It is always a worry.

But on the other hand, I feel the bigger picture does help, and analyzing data from that perspective is definitely helpful.

This particular post is about moving averages. Moving average is a simple concept that helps analyze the long term trend in data by smoothening the data so that there are…

My regular chit chats

It is a Friday evening & I am about to close my day. I am just blank when it comes to the new visualization tool, Data Studio that I was planning to get a feel of. Nothing seems to be “going in”. Probably because it is a Friday? Not sure. I dozed off twice today while watching some videos on Data Studio. That is when I remembered about this space which I used to visit often when I want to just “talk” and there is no one who understands me around. Hoping that by Monday morning…

My little chit chats

Have been wanting to write a blog for two or three days. But, somehow, I was not getting a thread. Usually, it happens the other way round. I get a lot of threads but end up not writing them because of time constraints.

The last two days were real productive & satisfying days at work. Usually, I don’t do this — I refactored a perfectly working code though it was not a peer review comment. Signs that I am enjoying coding more than earlier.

I had taken time out to refresh maps, filters, lambdas, and list…

My little chit chats

A voice series is something that I have been planning for some time now. But, somehow I keep postponing it. What I would like to talk about are the changes I made personally in my lifestyle and my habits to make a come back to tech. Hope the series will come out one day!

Now, that reminds me of something. Something that I worked on before I came back to the world of tech is my patience. (Though, my spouse will never agree with me that my patience level is better now). …

Two weeks back, I had written a blog here about pulling out analytics data for a website from Google analytics through an API using Python.

This blog deals specifically with analyzing the data from mobile.

When I pulled out the data for a website for the first time using Python, I was very excited that I could just make it happen with my browsing skills though I am very new to google analytics.

But, when it comes to mobile data, things weren’t this easy.

Here are some notes about pulling out the data for mobile analytics

  1. Scenario 1 — Mobile…

Man, I am really old!

This tweet was posted by a 16 year old! This however inspired me to post this blog as I continue my struggle to find a stable space in tech.

And, here is my journey :)

|- 2002: Fortran, C, UNIX
|- 2004: Tcl/Tk, Hypermesh templates, C, C++
|- 2006: SQL, Perl, Pro*C, C++, MFC/VC++, Shell scripting
|- 2012:, C#, Project coordination, project management, start up (extended maternity break, break from programming), mobile apps, augmented reality
|-2016: Adobe AIR
|- 2016: HTML, CSS, JS
|- 2017: Qlikview
|- 2017: Git, Python, R, Tableau
|- 2018: Android (Java), PHP
|- 2019: Google Colab
|- 2020: Android (Kotlin), Google analytics

Pyari Singh K

In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood.

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