Analytics data for a Mobile Application

Two weeks back, I had written a blog here about pulling out analytics data for a website from Google analytics through an API using Python.

This blog deals specifically with analyzing the data from mobile.

When I pulled out the data for a website for the first time using Python, I was very excited that I could just make it happen with my browsing skills though I am very new to google analytics.

But, when it comes to mobile data, things weren’t this easy.

Here are some notes about pulling out the data for mobile analytics

  1. Scenario 1 — Mobile development team captures the analytics data using Google Analytics SDK — data can be retrieved in the same way it was done for web. (Linking the older blog here)
  2. Scenario 2 — Mobile analytics data is captured using Firebase SDK

This is one area why I wonder Google made it so complex.

Let us first see how to view the analytics data. There are two ways to view this data.

(a) from the firebase console itself. If we have enough permissions on this project, we should be able to view the analytics data for mobile on firebase console itself. Go to and get into the console and then the dashboard.

(b) from google analytics — if the firebase account is linked to the google analytics account, we should be able to view the analytics data for mobile on google analytics as well.

I can see that there are a lot of things which are in progress. As I write this, Google Analytics Reporting API V4 does not support Web + Mobile properties though GA has a trusted testers program.

App + Web properties corresponds to the data that is linked from firebase

So, option a and option b are both good to view the analytics data for mobile, provided the app captures it using the firebase SDK.

Scenario 3 — Analytics data for mobile is captured using Firebase SDK and we need to see use an API to retrieve it as part of some automated dashboard that we are coming up with.

Now, this is a real headache as of today unless we use “bigquery”.

This is probably one way to do it.

As a first step, we can query the data using big query. Linked here is a good write up which can be used to get an idea on how to view the data using bigquery.

As the next step, we can probably write a python client for big query and extract the data. Again, this link has some sample codes required for a python client.

Adding a small note:

With the current version of firebase, the below is what we might need to do so as to view the firebase data on big query.

Enter the project on firebase -> project settings -> integrations -> bigquery->exported integrations -> google analytics -> view in BigQuery

settings page of the project
The big query editor

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