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Have been wanting to write a blog for two or three days. But, somehow, I was not getting a thread. Usually, it happens the other way round. I get a lot of threads but end up not writing them because of time constraints.

The last two days were real productive & satisfying days at work. Usually, I don’t do this — I refactored a perfectly working code though it was not a peer review comment. Signs that I am enjoying coding more than earlier.

I had taken time out to refresh maps, filters, lambdas, and list comprehensions on Python. Though I had learned these concepts on Python and also on Kotlin while doing the #30DaysofKotlin event, I have never had an opportunity to write these on a production code. I decided to get rid of my laziness and refactor the code and put in some extra time. Thanks to the support of the folks of GDG Kozhikkode. They stepped in to help when I was stuck even after two or three days of effort.

Into the matter — About Carbon

I used to have this habit of writing cheat sheet kind of notes during my college days and I am trying to do it for code these days. But my laziness stops me from doing that. Thanks to my laziness. This time I am trying out something interesting. Carbon.

This time, I have something trendy and colorful instead of my regular cheat sheets. :) Below are working snippets on list comprehensions, filters, maps & lambdas.

Do try out carbon if you haven’t tried it yet. Learning code is real fun with it. Especially if you are collaborating with someone in the learning process.

Lambdas in Python
List Comprehensions in Python
Maps in Python — With and Without Lambdas
Filters in Python

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