Data Studio — A must try product from Google

Data Studio — A Visualisation
  1. Like Google Meet or Google drive, this is a cloud-based application and we do not need to install anything to start using the software.
  2. Like most of the other Google products, all we need is a Gmail account or a google account to start using data studio.
  3. The “google drive like sharing feature” of Data Studio — “sharing with everyone with a link”, sharing with selected users, sharing within the organization — We just need the link to share it with anyone else who would like to collaborate with or view the report.
  1. Google did not go to re-invent the wheel. We can import a CSV or connect to any other data source and plot the charts for a given set of dimensions and matrices in a manner that is very similar to most of the other visualization tools in the market.
  2. For any given plot, the chart type can be changed by just clicking on an existing plot. (Most of the times, converting a bar chart to a pie chart or a line chart is achievable with a single click)
  3. One report can have multiple pages. That way, visualizations can be segregated better.
  4. On a particular report, we can bring in multiple data sources easily. Charts can be plotted on a report from multiple data sources.
  5. I haven’t used this yet — But, there are connectors to BigQuery and Google Analytics from Data studio. (Obvious feature for a visualization tool from Google!)
  6. Good & simple UI which has been segregated into two tabs — Styles and Data. Anything related to data can be managed through the data tab and any customizations required for the visuals can be managed through the styles tab.
  7. The edit/view toggle makes it very easy to switch between the edit and the view option. The editor gets a clear picture of how an end-user gets to view the report with the click of this button.
  8. Another feature of Data Studio that I liked is the scorecard control. In the above chart, there are four scorecards, which gives us the aggregated values corresponding to the selected matrices.
Score Cards
Dynamic Date Control




In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood.

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Pyari Singh K

Pyari Singh K

In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood.

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