Descriptive Statistics — Types of data — A mind map

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Types of data

There are two types of data — Quantitative and Categorical

Quantitative can further be divided into — continuous and discrete

Categorical can further be divided into — categorical ordinal and categorical nominal

Here is a mind map

Types of data — A mind map

Quantitative data consists of information that can be quantified or measured. Eg: no: of students, temperature, no: of covid patients, age, weight etc

Categorical data consists of information that categorises the data. Eg: gender, nationality, feedback (very poor, poor, good, very good, excellent)

Continuous quantitative data can take any kind of values like decimals, negative numbers etc. (eg: age, temperature, weight etc)

Discrete quantitative data can take only countable values (eg: number of students)

Categorical ordinal data are those that takes on a ranking or ordering. eg: poor, good, excellent or grades like A+, A, B etc.

Categorical nominal data are those categorical values that has no ranking or ordering. eg: gender