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  1. In between, some one came and “commanded” that candidates should not move around and we will have to be in the hall until the process is over. (Just few minutes before this, we were told that this fair is going to be on until 6 or 7 in the evening. (Reporting time for the event was 9:30 am.)
  2. “Where were you?”, “names of those whom I am calling out, please stand on my right side”, “come fast.. where were you?” — these could be frequently heard!
  3. There were definitely attempts to make the attendees feel good. Food was served. Arrangements to take printouts and photocopies were made.
  4. Several good companies where people dream to work — like Ola, Hitech robotic systems, swiggy, no broker — and many more were participating. Corporates giants like Wipro, ITC Infotech also participated in the event.
  5. The sad thing is that despite having made all these attempts, the event looked like a place where candidates are treated like “just another product of Udacity which can be sold to big corporates”. Though the attitude of the person (I forgot the name of that sweet boy with a cute hair cut) who was running the show was really good, in the whole process — I am sure — a good number of applicants would have felt that they are losing their self respect. (I had left the venue by around 3:30pm and I am not sure whether it improved towards the end of the day). I will write about this in detail a bit later in this article.
  6. There was no way by which an applicant can get to know about the status of their application. (I was told by ITC that, I will be called for the next round on Wednesday and till date I didn’t hear from them)
  1. Recently, I worked for a firm called Finesse. They were billing their 10 support engineers who work on help desk tickets for a corporate client. The employer could have easily used their engineers as just “billable resources”. For Finesse, the revenue generating component were the complaints & not the engineers! The engineers were the team who helped monetise the revenue generating components. I have a great respect for Sudheer sir with whom I worked on for the data visualisation of this account of Finesse. The difference Finesse made was that they used data visualisation tools to manage the complaints which were raised.
  2. I remember, way back in 2001, the year when I was passing out, campus recruitments didn’t happen like these days — especially in part of Kerala where we lived. There was a professor from NIT Calicut (then REC) who used his contacts to get companies to Cochin, the central part of Kerala, for recruitment of students. Recruitment drives were organized by this professor, his wife and his son. (I don’t even remember his name, but I remember his services even now!) Just these 3 people — they managed the recruitment drives in some random campuses in Kerala. They were very well managed and students never felt that they were being “sold”. (1000s of students from various campuses used to gather for the recruitment drives here.) For us, Shreds (the firm, as it was called) was giving all of us an opportunity to look for jobs in our dream companies.
  1. The way the event was organized




In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood. https://pyarisinghk.github.io

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Pyari Singh K

Pyari Singh K

In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood. https://pyarisinghk.github.io

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