Udacity’s Data Engineering Nano Degree — A Review

  • Python is my favourite programming language. I think I should keep aside a blog for writing about why Python is my favourite language. But, yeah, let me jot down one of the reasons here. A library like pandas is one of the reasons Python is my favourite language. Data wrangling has always been very simple with the power of pandas. When the data sets that I started handling becoming bigger and bigger, I had started having this question haunt me: how am I going to handle bigger data & wrangle them when I have to work with one such set. The course has an answer to this question. It makes us comfortable with spark. Spark will be an answer to many big data problems for sure. (Personally, I loved spark sql because it almost helps you use regular sql on big data with the help of spark.)
  • I have worked on front end and business layers of the various applications that I worked on. Have also worked on data bases independently. But, I never had to bother about any kinds of hosting & scaling. The course introduces us to various services on AWS. Storing big files on S3 buckets, writing python codes on EMR clusters on EC2 machines and writing data to tables on redshift were all new things to me.
  • place holder text for a write up to be inserted after completing the section on Airflow.
  1. The first two sections of the course was about regular relational and non relational databases. There were exercises to connect and query these databases using Python. The course is designed for a bit experienced resources. Considering that, this section is something which anyone with some good knowledge on Python and basic data bases should be able to do without much efforts. That way, I personally was bored with the first two sections of the course and felt that I didn’t learn many new things from here. (Though those were the most organised portions of the course)
  2. The course offers AWS credits and it mentions that most of the students have used only a small percentage of the credits. They have also given some tips on how to save on the credits. Despite me being “at my OCD best” to follow the instructions, I exhausted my credits when I had not even half way through the course. I am using my personal account to finish the remaining course.




In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood. https://pyarisinghk.github.io

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Pyari Singh K

Pyari Singh K

In love with technology and programming. Also a devil’s advocate. Believes in sisterhood. https://pyarisinghk.github.io

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